Artificial Intelligence Engine

ValueXI is a customizable low-code platform for processing tabular data with ML algorithms. Use it to create Proof of Concept and progress to production-ready
AI in just 1 month.

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Artificial Intelligence Engine

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Accelerate your AI project development

Collect and manage data easily with ValueXI smart visual editor. Shorten AI project time to market and get game-changing business tool tailored to your data:

  • Up to 90% resource savings
  • 3 times faster project delivery
  • Quickstart without Data Scientists
Accelerate your AI project development Accelerate your AI project development

How to make AI applicable

Boost your business results or extend existing products with AI. Here's how you can extract business value from ValueXI promptly.

Scenario 1

Insert AI into any system

Incorporate the AI into your digital product, enhancing the appeal to both users and sponsors.

Scenario 2

Deliver enterprise-grade AI

With ValueXI, we can deliver an enterprise-grade AI solution tailored to your business needs: customizable, cloud or on-premise.

Scenario 3

Boost your in-house AI team

ValueXI helps your dev team build accurate prediction models in hours without actual Data Scientists or Analysts. 

Scenario 4

Use ChatGPT

Empower your business with the capabilities of ChatGPT (e.g. by enriching data in a model), but with GDPR compliance. 

Get expert-level AI capabilities right out of the box

Step 1 — Validate

Prepare your data

Use Dataset Validation feature to check if your dataset is suitable for training of the AI

The Dataset Analytics report will provide you with comprehensive information on your dataset and how to improve it for better results.

Step 1 — Validate
Step 2 — Train

Step 2 — Train

Create your first AI model

Just click the Start training button, and ValueXI will pass you through a tested pipeline of project creation

Make a step into AI without actual Data Science expertise! On an advanced level, you can tune the model manually in a wizard.

Step 3 — Predict

Benefit from the prediction

Extract business value out of any structured data

Given your data quality and quantity suits for the training, the tool can be adapted to any scenario: from costly events prediction to sales increase to classification of user requests.

Step 3 — Validate
Step 4 — Integrate

Step 4 — Integrate

Empower any system

Integrate the model with your products, or deploy it on-prem

ValueXI has a ready-made API so the model can be integrated into your infrastructure be it a CRM, any custom  corporate software, or a chatbot. ValueXI can also be deployed on-premise and operate offline.

Transit from POC to full-scale projects in 1 month

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Cases: see ValueXI in action

From business process automation to cost optimization to customer relations improvement, ValueXI is your ultimate partner to resolve any data-related problems.


3000 deals closed

after ValueXI ranked 5000 contacts according to buyer readiness state. These contacts leased a car within 1 month. 


17% sales growth

for a tickets aggregator after only 1% conversion growth due to better prioritization of leads from the client’s website.


14% increased revenue

for a Service Engineering company, as we created a solution based on ValueXI to tell warranty-covered requests from paid repair requests.


x2 reduced time
to resolution

for support tickets. ValueXI extracts support requests from the general mail flow, and assigns each ticket to a support specialist.

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Designed by the high-grade professionals, ValueXI is shaped by actual business needs our customers have been facing.

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